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Comodo EV SSL Multi Domain Certificates

EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates (MDC's) are the convenient and cost-effective solution for online businesses looking to secure multiple websites from a single certificate. Like regular EV certificates, MDC's also display the trust-building green address bar to website visitors and provide the very highest levels of SSL security.

Buy New OR Renew Your Comodo EV SSL Multi Domain Certificates


  • Protect up to 100 domains with 1 certificate
  • Domains cost just $99.00/year *
  • Green address bar on all sites
  • $250,000 warranty
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 204 8-bit, next generation SSL
  • SGC Capable
  • Free phone priority technical support

What this certificate is used for
Multi-Domain EV Certificates represent a breakthrough for online businesses by making it commercially viable to secure all websites with the EV green bar. MDC's allow you to specify up to 100 domains in the Subject Alternative Name field of a certificate – simplifying SSL management processes and saving you money versus individual EV certificate purchases.

Extended Validation is the next generation of SSL Certificate and was designed to strengthen e-commerce security and combat phishing attacks. The highly visible green address bar helps e-commerce merchants increase trust, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and build long-term revenue.

From $809.10 per year for 3 domains (and only $99.00 per additional domain/year thereafter) EV MDC Certificates from Comodo cost less than some CA's charge for a lone EV certificate. Additional features such as a SGC capability, dedicated account manager and free phone priority support make the Extended Validation Certificate a complete "trust package" that is unrivaled in the industry.

Benefits of EV MDC

  • Save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year over the cost of individual EV certificates
  • Secure up to 100 Fully Qualified Domain Names on a single certificate
  • Additional domains cost just $99.00 per year and can be added at any time during the certificate life cycle
  • Each of your sites will display the trust building green address bar to your customers or clients
  • Easy to deploy by using our patent-pending EV-AUTO Enhancer technology
  • Simple and convenient - only one certificate to manage for all your domains

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