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The FreeSSL security certificate is a fully functional security certificate with a term of 30 days, available completely free of charge. This trial SSL certificate allows you to try before you buy. Since FreeSSL uses the same exact technology as a RapidSSL certificate (a Symantec subsidiary), you can use it to test RapidSSL before live implementation. This also gives you a chance to experience the SSL certificate ordering, CSR generation, and installation processes prior to purchase, with no commitment.

  • Trial SSL Certificate, 100% Free, 30-Day Term
  • SSL Emailed to You Typically in 10 to 15 Minutes
  • No Paperwork: Automated Validation
  • Browser Recognition of 99%
  • SSL Encryption at the Industry-Standard 128/256-Bit
  • No Credit Card or Payment Information Required
  • RapidSSL Certificate on a Trial Basis at No Charge


Try Out a FreeSSL Certificate, Get it in Minutes

A Trial SSL certificate with over 99% browser compatibility, FreeSSL is a great opportunity for those wanting to see a certificate in action.

Who Issues and Authorizes the Certificate?

RapidSSL, the Certificate Authority (CA), will directly issue your FreeSSL. Pop-up windows and security errors typically experienced with some certificates will be avoided with FreeSSL. Its compatibility is 99%, just like RapidSSL.

Fast, Seamless Issuance to Your Inbox

The speediest fully automated SSL issuance system on the planet delivers FreeSSL. Your administrative rights to the domain associated with your purchase are validated automatically. The authentication process takes just a few minutes, with a lag time typically no longer than fifteen (15) minutes.

The online validation process via FreeSSL’s Approver Email directly follows ordering of the SSL certificate. Instantaneous issuance follows immediate verification of this step.


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